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  • A safe and welcoming learning community where:
  • - we all aim high;
  • - everyone is included;
  • - creativity is valued.
    Clubs and Ensembles

    We offer a wide range of extra-curricular music clubs and ensembles for learners of all abilities. You will need to sign up for after-school clubs via

    Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, we regret that we cannot currently offer after school or lunchtime music clubs in the usual way as none of the bubbles can mix, it would be impossible to run any of the clubs as we usually would. However, we are in the process of working out a schedule for the whole year, whereby each class would be offered a music club just for them for half a term. That way, every child in the school who wants to attend a music club, can do so at some point during the year. We will also offer where possible, small instrumental tuition groups for children in the same class (if they are already learning to play an instrument).

    Following goverment guidance Music and performing arts assemblies are not permitted until further notice. In the meantime, we will be filming performances on a more regular basis and uploading them to our YouTube channel and school website.

    Parents/Carers will need to give consent to use your child's image in this way, therefore parents/carers must complete and return the 'Video Release Form' that has been sent out to your child.

    If you have not received the form, you can download and print it here. The school will also be holding Zoom assemblies within the school, to allow children to perform live to other classes.

    KS1 Ukulele

    Open to any KS1 students, with instruments provided. Once you feel your child has got the bug and wants to continue, I can recommend affordable options for buying a ukulele.


    Children learn to play piano keyboard, learning the layout of the notes, scales, melodies, chords, improvising and composing.

    Members of the club will take part in various concerts and assemblies throughout the year.

    KS1 & 2 Guitar Orchestra

    This is primarily aimed at children beginning on the instrument, but children who already play guitar are also very welcome. We will make sure those children are challenged and motivated, through the music we set them and by becoming lead learners. Guitars will be provided, but once you feel your child has got the bug and wants to continue, I can recommend affordable options for buying an instrument.

    Breakfast Club Orchestra

    This club is open to any children who already have experience of playing any musical instrument. This group will become a very important part of our music concerts occurring in school and further afield, as they will frequently be called upon to perform on a regular basis. It is expected that they attend every week, as we will always be preparing for a performance.

    KS2 Samba Drumming

    This is open to KS2 children, primarily due to the strength required to carry the drums as they are performing. Naturally we are looking for children with a strong sense of rhythm and pulse. This group will become used to performing on a regular basis both in school and at various venues, as well as the Notting Hill Carnival. Regular attendance is therefore a must!