Lancasterian Primary School

  • A safe and welcoming learning community where:
  • - we all aim high;
  • - everyone is included;
  • - creativity is valued.
    Educational Trips

    We are firmly committed to the provision of regular educational visits for the children, to enhance the school curriculum. Popular destinations include London’s art galleries and museums, local libraries and Hampton Court.

    Year 6 have the opportunity to attend a week’s residential which is very popular with the children and staff. We strongly encourage all parents to allow their child(ren) to attend this most valuable event.

    Parents are sometimes asked if they can make a voluntary contribution towards the costs of visits, covering travel and admission charges. Without such contributions, some educational visits would not be financially viable. However, no child will miss out on a visit due to their parent’s inability to pay. A full copy of the school's charging and remissions policy is available on request.

    In addition to arranging educational visits, the school regularly hosts visiting artists, musicians and authors who perform to the children and lead workshops.

    Supporting Trips

    To ensure that all our school trips run smoothly and safely our policy regarding adult : child ratio is as follows:


    1 adult, 3 children


    1 adult, 4 children

    Year 1 and 2 

    1 adult, 5 children

    Year 3 

    1 adult, 6 children

    Year 4 and 5 

    1 adult 8 children

    Year 6 

    1 adult, 9 children

    Any parents who would like to accompany their child on a school trip are most welcome although we do ask parents to inform the class teacher and the office in advance.