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  • A safe and welcoming learning community where:
  • - we all aim high;
  • - everyone is included;
  • - creativity is valued.

    Self-Evaluation and School Improvement Plan (SESIP)

    Our SESIP has been written using information gathered from analysis of achievement data together with feedback from all stakeholders including staff, governors, Ofsted, parents and carers and, of course, our children.

    The purpose of the SESIP is to: review and evaluate the school’s strengths and identify priority for development; set ambitious milestones for improvement; and outline the actions to be taken to achieve these targets. The school budget is matched to the priorities in the SESIP.

    Please find below a copy of the latest SESIP

    SESIP 2021/22| PDF

    Our School House Captains also write their own annual Self Evaluation Document. They use this to then write a School Improvement Plan, deciding how to spend their allocated budget to improve the school.

    House Captain SED 2021-2022 | PDF