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    Welcome to Lancasterian Music Department!

    At Lancs, we believe that music is central to a child's development and strive to afford all of our young people the opportunity to engage in meaningful musical activities.

    We are proud of our outstanding music curriculum and extensive range of extra-curricular clubs and ensembles. We have an exceptionally well resourced music room with all of the instruments and equipment that the children need to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding.

    On this page you will find information about the clubs and ensembles we offer, the music curriculum that every child receives at Lancs and photos, audio and video of our pupils performing.

    Contact the music coordinator:

    We have many lunchtime and after school music clubs, aimed at all age ranges, abilities and interests. The following clubs are currently taking place and your child can join for just £20 per term.

    After School Choir (Wednesdays after school)

    Open to all children from Year 1 upwards, this is a great club for children who want to develop their singing and improve their performance abilities. We will work on strengthening your child's voice, helping their technique and teach them a variety of songs from many different genres. There will be regular performance opportunities and trips organised, such as the upcoming performance at The Royal Albert Hall in April 2024 as part of the Haringey Music Service show.


    KS1 & 2 Guitar Club (Tuesday & Thursday lunchtimes)

    This is primarily aimed at children who have had a bit of experience on instrument. We will make sure those children are challenged and motivated, through the music we set them and by becoming lead learners. Guitars will be provided, but once you feel your child has got the bug and wants to continue, I can recommend affordable options for buying an instrument. There will be plenty of opportunities to perform throughout the year.

    Year 5 & 6 Music Tech/Rock Band Club (Friday Lunchtimes)

    Children will learn to use GarageBand on the ipads to create their own music. We also integrated a rock band during this session, as so many talented musicians were coming along, so if you already play a musical instrument, feel free to come along and learn songs for various performance opportunites and of course, to become an accomplished musician!

    KS2 Samba Drumming (Fridays after school)

    This is open to KS2 children, primarily due to the strength required to carry the drums as they are performing. Naturally we are looking for children with a strong sense of rhythm and pulse. This group will become used to performing on a regular basis both in school and at various venues. Regular attendance is therefore a must!