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    KS1/2 Big Inclusion Curriculum Review

    We are currently in the process of reviewing our KS1/2 curriculum to ensure that each subject aligns with our Big Inclusion Curriculum vision, stated as follows.

    Our Big Inclusion Curriculum

    What will our Big Inclusion Curriculum look like? How will this curriculum help us to fulfil our vision of creating a fairer society where every child “has the skills and knowledge to open any door” and “feels proud of who they are and their own uniqueness”?

    Imagine a school where every child is given the opportunity to gain a deep understanding across a broad range of content, thereby gaining equity of access to powerful knowledge. Imagine also a school where every child working at a desk, exploring in a mud kitchen or playing on a guitar feels a deep sense of belonging, freedom and safety. Throughout children’s lessons in phonics, reading, maths, science – in fact, throughout every aspect of learning they do each day – runs a golden thread which ensures that they thrive through an informed curiosity about the world and which tells them that they are important, valued and celebrated.

    This golden thread shines brightly in the English lesson where a child gains the knowledge required to meaningfully explore their own cultural heritage through the hero of their class text. The thread shimmers in the role play area which invites both girls and boys to play there. It gleams in the PSHE lesson where a child feels confidently informed and sufficiently safe to discuss sexual identity without worrying about a playground bully. The thread weaves its way through the assembly which uncovers the roots of an upcoming religious celebration that many children await with excitement. It glides through the PE lesson that refuses to allow a child’s disability to be a barrier to participation by ensuring that the necessary support and skills are given. The thread winds itself into the careful planning of every well-chosen school trip so that a child whose parents don’t have the means to take them can enjoy these enriching and informative experiences.

    This thread is Big Inclusion. It will be a central part of how we ensure that all children have the cultural capital they need to thrive.

    Our Big Inclusion Curriculum will not be tokenistic. It will not be just shoehorning in equal opportunity and representation ‘because we should’. A curriculum founded on Big Inclusion will not allow anyone to feel ashamed, to feel embarrassed, to feel less because of who they are or because of what they do not yet know. No-one will have to pretend or hide.

    Our Big Inclusion curriculum will be the cornerstone of our vision to create a fairer society.


    Subject leaders are reviewing and improving their curriculum content through a multi-step process which includes:

    • looking at the Haringey Education Partnership curriculum offer, as well as other trusted, high quality curriculum options;
    • examining the latest Ofsted subject reviews;
    • consulting with children, staff and parents/carers;
    • visiting a school with outstanding provision in their subject;
    • liaising with local subject networks; and
    • checking against the National Curriculum and ensuring effective linkage with our Early Years curriculum.

    The subject teams below are coordinating in order to plan how they can work effectively and efficiently together; some elements of the process are useful to do in groups, others are better carried out individually. Each group of revised curriculum maps is then introduced through staff training in the term following the review phase.


    Subject Teams






    Summer Term 2022/23





    Autumn Term 2023/24


    Art & Design

    Design & Technology


    Spring Term 2023/24






    Summer Term 2023/24