Lancasterian Primary School

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  • A safe and welcoming learning community where:
  • - we all aim high;
  • - everyone is included;
  • - creativity is valued.
    Governors Attendance

    Full Governing Body Meeting (FGB)

      11/09/2019   12/11/2020 04/03/2021 20/05/2021
    Anne Baxendale (Chair) Yes Anne Baxendale (Chair) Yes    
    Tom Aldred (Vice) (LA Governor) Yes Tom Aldred (Vice) (LA Governor) Yes    
    Marsha Fleming Yes Kerry Duggan  Yes    
    Kerry Duggan  Yes Susie Lenette Yes    
    Jack Watkinson (Vice) Yes Ilknur Catikkas Yes    
    Jeannie McTavish Yes Daniel Rudd Yes    
    Sanjeet Bojnuth Yes Jeannie McTavish Yes    
    Rose Solly Apologies Sanjeet Bojnuth Yes    
    Paul Murphy Yes Megan Royle-Jacob  Yes    
    Vacant - Parent Governor N/A Jessica Ansah Yes    
    Vacant - Co-opted Governor N/A Robert Crump Yes    
    Vacant - Co-opted Governor N/A Paul Murphy Yes    

    Quality of Education Committee (QoE)

      09/12/2020 13/01/2021 12/05/2021
    Kerry Duggan      
    Rose Solly      
    Paul Murphy      
    Megan Royal Jacob       
    Erene Kapitani      

    Leadership and Management Committee  (L&M)

      14/10/2020 20/01/2021 21/04/2021
    Anne Baxendale  Yes    
    Marsha Fleming  End of Term    
    Paul Murphy Yes    
    Tom Aldred Yes    
    Sanjeet Bojnuth

    Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitude Committee (PDBA)

      08/10/2020 28/01/2021 06/05/2021
    Jack Watkinson  Yes    
    Jeannie McTavish Yes    
    Rose Solly Yes    
    Paul Murphy Yes