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    Remote Education

    Children Working From Home

    Remote education is the provision which is put in place by the school when: a class, group, small number of pupils or an individual pupil needs to self-isolate due to Coronavirus infection; or there is a local or national lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home. Children who are at home because they are unwell are not expected to engage in remote education until they feel better.

    There are two main situations in which a child at Lancasterian Primary School may need to access remote education:

    • They are individually isolating at home for a prolonged period of time (beyond the normal 3 days) because they have developed Coronavirus infection;

    • They are at home due to wider isolating of pupils because a bubble of children or the whole school has had to close as a result of a local or national lockdown.

    The school’s approach to remote education is therefore outlined in a two-strand approach: Individual Remote Education and Wider Remote Education.

    Individual Remote Education

    Individual remote education will be provided through the resources available via The Oak National Academy, which caters for all primary pupils including those in the early years. The Oak National Academy provides a bank of around 10,000 free, high-quality lessons and resources combining videos, quizzes and worksheets which are available throughout 2020/21. Created by practising teachers, these cater for children from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6, as well as specialist lessons for students with special/additional needs. It is very easy to use. Lessons are scheduled across each term, there’s no login or password, pupils can access lessons on any device, and they only need materials they can find at home.

    Please click here for the Individual Remote Education Guidelines for Parents/Carer.

    Individual Remote Education Guidelines for Parents/Carer. 

    Wider Remote Education

    Wider Remote Education will be delivered through the J2e platform for key stages 1 & 2 and through the Tapestry platform for nursery and reception. Both platforms are easily and freely accessible to all staff and pupils.  Teachers will deliver high quality, bespoke daily timetables of lessons following our school curriculum. These platforms also enable interaction, assessment and feedback between teachers and pupils/parents and carers.

    Please click here for the Wider Remote Education Guidelines for Parents/Carer.

    Wider Remote Education Guidelines for Parents/Carer.

    Please click on the link below for Parent/Carer Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Education

    Parent/ Carer Remote Education FAQ's



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