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    Red Nose Day 2019

    Red Nose Day School Song 2019

    Well done to all the children and staff involved in the Comic Relief music video. As you know, a team from the BBC came into the school in February to film it.

    Children and staff from across the school took part, and we were joined by CBBC presenter Ben Shires.

    The result is a great showcase for the talented, energetic, and diverse Lancasterian community which is      available on YouTube, Comic Relief’s website and will likely be shown on CBBC on Red Nose Day.

    Thank you and well done to Mr Bentley for organising this venture!

    To watch the video please click here or visit the Comic Relief website.










    20 things to do before you leave Lancasterian

    To keep you busy over the summer holidays, the staff have got together to create this handy list of things to do. Remeber to ask a grown up before you do one of these things.

    If you like you can upload a photo of you doing the activity on the school Facebook  or Twitter pages or print of a photo to show to your teacher!

    Have a great sumer!

    All activities are undertaken at your own risk. Links are provided for extra information and are not endorsed by the school.

    • Spend a night in a tent - indoors, in your garden or further afield!

    • Visit Central London and do some sightseeing!

    • make something you can wear - a t-shirt, jewellery, hat or bag...

    • Eat or drink something you have never tried before

    • Prepare a meal for yourself or your family


    • Build a den


    • Find a competition and enter it. What's your skill? Art, sport, drama, writing, music..
    • Find out more about wildlife 

    • Make something you can sell


    • Care for something - a plant or animal

    • Create a map of a real or fantasy location

    • Write a letter to a celbrity, friend, pen pal or family member

    • Paddle in some water - a puddle, a stream, a river or the sea!

    • Be involved in a performance - sing, play, act, puppet show - make a program, sell tickets and refreshments...

    • Visit one of London's museums or galleries

    • Make vehicle - use construction kit, junk, Lego...

    • Make your own photo album

    • What should the 19th and 20th things be? If you do something great this summer and you think everyone else would love it, tell us and it could become the 19th and 20th things to do before you leave Lancasterian!

    There is an extensive programme of activities running across the borough for children and young people in Haringey

    Click here for more information on what's going on.    

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