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    KS1 / KS2 Curriculum Overviews

    Every half term we update our curriculum overviews to inform you of what your child will be learning for that half term.  We only do this every half term to provide the teachers with the flexibility to make sure there are cross-curricular links across the different subjects.  Please click on the year group below to see what your child will learn this half term.

    YEAR 1 | PDF

    YEAR 2 | PDF

    YEAR 3 | PDF

    YEAR 4 | PDF

    YEAR 5 | PDF

    YEAR 6 | PDF

    Lancasterian Approach to Learning

    The Lancasterian Approach to Learning is the method used to plan and teach the children at our primary school. The Lanc Aproach to Learning is based on SOLO's taxonomy and helps us to teach the children to be independent, resilient learners!  We carefully think through the learning journey, giving the children the tools and language they need to succeed and problem solve.

    To find out more information on the Lancs Approach to Learning please clink on the presentation below

    Lancaterian Approach to Learning | PDF
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