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  • A safe and welcoming learning community where:
  • - we all aim high;
  • - everyone is included;
  • - creativity is valued.

    Head Teacher's Welcome 

    Welcome to our school website. Lancasterian Primary School is a safe and welcoming learning community where we all aim high, everyone is included and creativity is valued.

    I am proud of the education that we provide as we persistently seek to find new ways to enhance and improve our offer to the children and the local community. Here at Lancs, we embrace the future with a strong sense of optimism as we continue to develop our children’s love of learning and consolidate improvements in many of our end of key stage results over the last two years.  We have recently dramatically improved our approaches to the teaching of reading, writing, maths, science and the foundation subjects, and will embed and further develop the curriculum over the coming years in response to pupils’ needs and the wider educational landscape. 

    Our ‘growth mindset’ approach – the idea that ability is not fixed but rather something that can be increased through effort – remains central to teaching and learning at Lancasterian Primary.  Our approach to education is built on the foundation of the following six beliefs:

    • We remember that intelligence is something that we can grow.
    • We don’t say, ‘I can’t do this’; we say, ‘I can’t do this yet’.
    • We recognise that effort is more important than results.
    • We learn new things as often as we can.
    • We are not scared of mistakes or failure because we can learn from them.
    • We take risks in order to improve our learning.

    I am convinced that by instilling these ideas in staff and children at the school we can all improve, grow and develop at a faster pace and in a more effective and sustainable way.

    The fantastic recent improvement in the education we offer to our children is down to the hard work of staff and volunteers at the school, the support of parents and carers and – not least of all – the amazing effort put in by the children themselves.  As a result of this and other factors, we currently self-evaluate the school as ‘good’.  Additionally, we continue to work towards our three ambitious ‘three year goals’ for the school as below.

    By the end of the 2018/19 academic year, Lancasterian Primary School will:

    • be a place of learning where all children and adults have the opportunity to thrive and excel;
    • have end of key stage results which are at or above national average; and
    • self-evaluate as outstanding - a place where others come to learn from best practice.

    I firmly believe that through hard work, determination and a growth mindset approach we will get there!


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